Copy Of Certifications


The plant has a state-of-the-art laboratory that has world class testing and quality equipments. Here, experts work at the cutting edge of technology to ensure that every grain of salt that goes out is the best in quality We have further taken the proactive steps of initiating a sound quality assurance programme and excellent process controls from the beginning and taken lead in getting various accreditations as under:-

We have already received ISO 9000-2008 Acccrediation for our plant from JAS – ANZ.We are certified from HACCP for compliance of food,safety management systems and this is of greatest relevance for a product such as Edible salt, which is a key element of any food we consume and where consumption is at the mass level. We have already got enrolled under the quality assurance programme of ICCIDD (Indian Coalition for Control of Iodine Deficiency_ and aftre assessment,we have been permitted to use their Logo on all our manufactured products. The quality of our iodised salt is endorsed by ICCIDD also. We have also been acoorded formal permission and approval from Salt Commissioner for manufacture of our iodised salt With the triple refined free flow iodised salt being manufactured under a sound quality assurance and management programme, the product conforms to the specifications as per published BIS standards and more particularly by IS 7224/2006 standard for iodised salt Our technicalcations for training on Internal and External Quality monitoring on Iodised salt conducted by salt department under aegis of ICCIDD and also well trained in Iodine estimation in iodised salt by Iodometric titration method The company's products have been registered under “ISI”

Manufacturing Process

Main source of salt is rocks, sea & lake. Maximum consumption of salt is in its natural form after being produced from sea or directly from rock. But with time, awareness of uses of salt has grown manifold and the demand of refined iodised salt is increasing tremendously during the last few years. Refining not only helps in increasing purity of salt but aslo improves flow-ability and use of anti-caking agents helps in keeping quality too.During refining and drying process iodisation is done which is important for human body to avoid various diseases. Refined salt is further graded for various applications like kitchen salt, table salt and industrial salt.